• Dennis A.

    Or the Great MICHAEL WILTON, b.t.w., I would be a Great Replacement Guitarist for the Current, MUCH,MUCH HEAVIER Classic Metal cred Version of QUEENSRYCHE!!If Michael Wilton,God willing, would Need Another Guy in the Future to Join!, or Fill In!SERIOUSLY!, Because, As for Me, between the years of 1983 to 1986, as a young beginning teenage guitarist, who had just started out, and Gotten SERIOUS about Playing Guitar around 1983, I must have truly been CONSTANLY LISTENING to The Queensryche E.P., "Queen Of the Reich", and Queensryche's 1984 Classic;"The WARNING"!!, nearly Every Day between those Years, and each time, I would be Listening to the Wilton & DeGarmo's Kramer Pacer's with a Floyd Rose and Humbucker Guitar Tone,Into Glorious Marshall Stack Guitar Tracks, Indeed, Literally "On the Edge of My Seat" as the saying goes, AND,really, QUEENSRYCHE, "for a Minute" as they say,WAS,"The HEAVIEST S*I%T out There!, at the Time, Slightly BETTER, Guitar Wise, than the mighty Metallica and Slayer at the time, at Least to my ears then, that Is, until I started listening to Metal Church' 1st "Metal Church" album, and Anthrax' Classic "Among the Living" in 1986 everyday more than the Mighty Ryche.