• Clear Blue Digital

    I made this mistake on eBay too. It took a month for the guitar to arrive and when it got to my door it was wrapped in some weird box with chinese strapping tape all over. That was my first "uh-oh" moment. Upon opening the box, the guitar looked like the real deal at first glance. But it didn't take long to spot the poor craftsmanship. And the closer you looked at the guitar, the more awful it became. And I wasn't at all that surprised when I plugged it in and found it played worse than it looked. I ripped the guts out of it and replaced the pickups, the electronics, the tuners, the trem, the nut, etc. I dumped a lot of money into just getting it functional. It still doesn't play that well. The fretwork was terrible and the neck is still an issue. "Good from far. Far from good." It now hangs on a wall and never gets touched. Buy the real deal. I bought my ESP from GuitarCenter and it's sucha a bad-ass guitar! I can't begin to tell you how far superior it is to the knock-off I got on eBay. The age old saying that you get what you pay for is sooooooo true. I thought I was saving a few bucks on eBay but in the end, I spent more fixing up that knock-off than if I had just bought the real deal from the beginning!