Jul 16, 2014 at 10:36 PM
Summer NAMM News: LTD Jeff Hanneman Tribute 2014

Working in conjunction with the estate of late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, ESP Guitars is introducing the new limited-edition LTD JH TRIBUTE 2014 URBAN CAMO guitar at the Summer NAMM Show. The JH TRIBUTE 2014 is based on Hanneman’s iconic “urban camo” ESP model, and a portion of proceeds from sales of the JH TRIBUTE 2014 go to the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity that the guitarist strongly supported. Only 100 pieces of this special commemorative model will be produced.

“Jeff Hanneman and Slayer helped define the entire genre of thrash metal guitar,” says Matt Masciandaro, President and CEO of the ESP Guitar Company. “He was a good friend to many of us at ESP, and his passing last year was a shock to us all. For his family and for Slayer fans around the world, we felt that commemorating his contributions to music and supporting the Wounded Warrior Project via this new model was an appropriate measure.”

The LTD JH TRIBUTE 2014 URBAN CAMO  takes the unique multi-toned gray/white/black “urban camouflage” finish of Hanneman’s ESP signature guitar, and makes it available for the first time in an LTD version. It incorporates a neck-thru-body design at 25.5” scale, with an alder body, maple neck, and ebony fingerboard. As per Hanneman’s preference, the guitar includes a Kahler Hybrid tremolo bridge, and EMG 85 (neck)/EMG 81 (bridge) active pickups. The JH TRIBUTE 2014 also features a special fingerboard inlay with Hanneman’s “H Dagger” fret markers as well as a “1964-2013” 12th fret inlay, and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Jeff Hanneman was a founding member of the influential thrash metal band Slayer, and was also one of the band’s primary songwriters. Along with fellow guitarist Kerry King and bassist/vocalist Tom Araya, Hanneman helped found Slayer in 1981 when the band members were still in their teens. His work as a guitarist and songwriter was of tremendous importance to the world of heavy metal music, and many guitarists count Hanneman among their key influences. An ESP endorsee since 2000, Hanneman’s untimely passing was on May 2, 2013 at age 49.

More details on this great guitar that helps a great cause coming soon here on the ESP site.

  • Brett D.

    I MUST HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the donation to the wounded warrior project make it even more worth having

  • DIO

    For me the 12 freet inslay should offer something more...

  • Burning Head

    ESP forgot to add on the Strat Prescence Controller that Jeff had on all his guitars!!!!

  • Johnny N.

    how do i go about winning a fuckin raffle or getting my named chosen out of a giant hat or however u guys feel is suitable for me to go ahead and win that there guitar. because truthfully i would cut off both of my legs and put hot coals in my boxers for whatever time span is neccesary just to have that guitar. i hope u esp guys will consider the fact also that i do have a terminal disease that requires a camoflauge guitar just like that one in order for me to remain some what healthy!!!!

  • John P.

    ok guys , this is straight from ESP customer service.....



    We apologize for the extended delay in our response. LTD JH Tribute have the graphic the front only. Thank you for your interest.
    Best regards,

    Customer Service
    ESP Guitars


    I guess I'll have to actually see the finished product, but I think it would look better with a white or grey back instead of black like Aaron. P said....