esp eclipse and GuitarViol
Nature Hikes
Stargate, Startrek, Babylon 5, and Pyramid Code
Stargate and Braveheart
gothic metal, progressive metal, world, middle-eastern, and thrash metal
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Joe Satriani
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Founding member of Arcane DImension.

Arcane Dimension is the premiere Tribal Fusion & Avantgarde Metal music & performance project from San Francisco Bay Area. Featuring seductive female vocals,  haunting GuitarViol (bowed guitar) melodies, edgy rock riffs, world instruments, electronic beats and hypnotic tribal drums, Arcane Dimension weaves a landscape for all who crave fresh and innovative sound. A theatrical presentation combined with one of a kind costuming, eye-catching stage decorations, guest musicians and tribal belly dancers complete the elements incorporated into the live show.

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Arcane Jarek voted on the poll What is your preferred headstock match with the "Horizon/H" body shape?

2014-07-16 18:28:07 UTC
Arcane Jarek voted TEARDROP 3-per-side style (ESP Original Series Horizon, ESP USA Horizon)
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Arcane Jarek

Arcane Jarek posted a comment on the article Introducing the Tombstone Case Company

2014-05-12 23:18:03 UTC
So where are the cases, where can one buy them???......MORE »
Arcane Jarek

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2014-05-12 23:17:35 UTC
2nd quarter is here, lets see more info on these cases!!!......MORE »
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2014-05-12 22:06:18 UTC
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