ESP LTD, ltd, ltd vintage 204, ltd vintage 214, and epiphone jumbo ej200
writing/recording/playing/listening to music
dr. who, true blood, supernatural, elementary, the newsroom, and game of thrones
marvel, big lebowski, star wars, i'm not there, avengers, iron man, spiderman, anchorman, thor, and beyond the lighted stage
fates warning, rush, dream theater, metallica, 80's hair metal, #metallica, anthrax, kiss, beatles, bob dylan, huntress, progressive, folk, indie, armored saint, death angel, lamb of god, and mastodon
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
swr, fender, sansamp, ampeg, and ESP LTD
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
joey vera, geddy lee, steve harris, frank bello, james hetfield, gene simmons, john petrucci, share ross, sting, mark morton, john campbell, and troy sanders
About me:
Singer-Songwriter Anthony Sica divides his time between solo work (which is cross-genre yet emphasizing on pop, rock, folk and blues) and his melodic prog metal band Luna Dementia. He has released three new discs of original music available on iTunes, amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify, etc. this past year. One with Luna Dementia, one as a solo artist and one as a contributing songwriter/lead vocalist and bass player for an alternative band out of Central Florida called Halo Violation.
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    What exactly do these points do, do they expire monthly? Rollover? etc.  I could've sworn I had a few hundred, and my profile shows over 300 - yet my listing says 215 with 35 December points.  Anyone know what's up with this system?   

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