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esp b208fm, esp ltd viper 404, and esp b-55
muay thai kickboxing, cigars, and sport shooting
married with children, the simpsons, JAG, in living color, fresh prince of bel air, the devils ride, bering sea gold, and gold rush
too many to choose from
Gemini Syndrome, God Forbid, kiss, metallica, black sabbath, ac/dc, and Dio
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
dunlop crybaby bass wah, mxr boost/linedriver, mxr analog chorus, mxr carbon copy, mxr 10-band eq, mxr bass overdrive, mxr micro flanger, mxr bass octave deluxe, tc electronic hall of fame reverb, fender bass amps, hartke bass amps, dunlop dcr2sr, fxconnectx, dunlop strings, dunlop straps, kahler bass tremolo, kahler bass fixed bridge, and lava cable
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Alessandro Paveri, gene simmons, john outcalt, cliff burton, jason newstead, and cliff williams
About me:

Los Angeles California Bassist Alexander G has been playing bass since he was 12 years of age, and has continued to master his skills as a session bassist and composer, which has proven to be unique and unparalleled. He is a native of Montebello California, and is currently residing in Upland California. His current venture is his upcoming album IN THE KEY OF "G"
 Alexander G is currently endorsed by the following companies:

Intune Guitar picks  Kahler Usa, Dunlop Manufacturing, FX Connect, lava cable, shredneck

Alexander has been on several radio interviews. including twisters music radio,  the phd radio show, Hanging with the hitman Podcast, DjPj Chaos Radio, Morbid North Radio based In Canada. Interviewed for All Access Magazine, and The music Muse Jennifer Stoker Alexander has been interviewed for his former high school newspaper as well as college newspaper Alexander has demonstrated and taught the bass guitar for a bass instruction class in the city of Montebello California for the city's residents Has recorded a tribute to Ronnie James Dio with former Dio guitarist Tracy G, Guest speaker at former high school for career day for 3 consecutive years Performed at Metal Jam 2012, 2013, 2014 for the charity Autism Speaks. has also performed at the NAMM show for different endorsers. a notable career moment that continues to this day, Being able to create music for all walks of life

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i threw in some Geezer Butler Signature Emg Pickups to power my vintage 214 bass..This thing growls !!! best bass/pickup combo i have ever played......MORE »
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YO !!! whats up fello esp/ltd slingers ! i just picked up a vintage 214 natural ash finish bass. im wanting to upgrade the tuners, but i dont know the measurement of the hole,   if anyone knows what that is.. i would......MORE »