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Michael S. liked the forum post E II Eclipse string change today

Changed my strings today, Daddario NYXL's. Guitar sounds amazing! Major difference compared to stock strings. Never really noticed much after a string change, apart from the usual things. This is first string change on this......MORE »
Michael S.

Michael S. liked the forum post New here - Just got a LTD EC-1000

Yesterday I traded my Line 6 HD500 (wasn't using) for this ESP LTD EC1000. Flamed top, Sperzel locking tuners, Duncan JB/'59 pups, Earvnana nut, TonePros Bridge/Tail, Abalone flags and binding, and HSC.  (but then you......MORE »
Michael S.

Michael S. liked the article Our September Points Winner Gets His Prize

As most of you should know by now, we completely revamped our ESP Member points rewards system in September, with the first prize winner for each month receiving a guitar as thanks for their positive contributions to the......MORE »
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Michael S. liked the forum post Re: Post your LTD's

 2008 ESP Eclipse Aged Honeyburst, 2008 ESP Eclipse Vintage Black, LTD EC1000T, LTD Viper 1000, LTD V-1000......MORE »
Michael S.

Michael S. posted a comment on the video ESP E-II ST-2 Demo by Pat Heath

beautiful instrument.......MORE »