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Real alphas drive ford focus. (homomess doesn't count)......MORE »

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Nice score!  More pics when you get a chance.  ......MORE »
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Mine is dark gray. I pretty much just like the gray and the Jazz blue ones. I'd also be interested in a dark green if they offered it. I've since removed the hood stripes and ugly chrome wheels.       ......MORE »
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They may have increased the threshold. Sounds like yours is a 2014. Mine is a 2011. What color do you have? Post a pic! I would love to own a Challenger. I would try to find a Classic trim level in hemi orange with white......MORE »
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That's weird, I also have the 5.7 Hemi. I guess they govern the 300 since it's more of a family car, excluding the SRT of course. I read online that mine is supposed to be governed at 140, but mine goes past that, although......MORE »

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Since we are totally off topic lol, I had an 05 ram 5.7 hemi 5 speed auto. The governor would stop it at 106 and it would hit that in 3rd gear. Always wanted to get a tuner and turn the governor off to see what it would do......MORE »