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jt76 replied to the forum post ESP 400 Series

It is an early model, the slightly more rounded or V shaped headstock tips on your guitar and the cream one that I own.  Compared to the later models,  the Red Tele and the Black ST Impossible for me to give you an exact......MORE »
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Taromanwong W. posted the blog post Eclipse aged version liked

This Eclipse E-II aged version play feel good! i like the aged look! But i cant find any details from ESP to the aged version, is it real?  I only had a Eclipse bigsby version! Want get one more aged version!......MORE »
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ESP 348 replied to the forum post Reverb dealer with many KH and JH - GuitarsCollector

Fuck that RK! That's why he had baby #3! Tried for a boy for the 3rd, ended up with another girl. It's all good, she is very cute so she can stay in the family for now. But that's it, fuck that. Kids cost too much money I......MORE »
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Izzy replied to the forum post ESP 400 Series

Sorry the link was off, I still need the info if somebody knows more about this guitar.The owner claims to be from 1983 but i only found guitars like this in 1984 catalogs, can somebody tell more about this guitar, where it......MORE »

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Carcaridon replied to the forum post Selling my LTD Ouija

It is on craigslist in Orange County.  ......MORE »

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Road King replied to the forum post Reverb dealer with many KH and JH - GuitarsCollector

Keep trying for a son? ......MORE »

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ESPECIALLY SLAYERRRRRR They have so much to tell of......MORE »
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It wont let me post pictures on here for some reason, but i got it. I need to wait 14 days tho guitar center policy for used gear that just came in. Its a custom shop!!! For $500!! I cant believe it......MORE »

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I wish they would do a behind the music with Faith no More and one with SLAYER!!!!!......MORE »

jt76 replied to the forum post ESP 400 Series

Nice guitars,  I have owned 3, I sold the black one regretted it and bought the cream colored one.   If you are comfortable taking the neck off, they often have a date writen on the neck heal, and neck pocket.   ......MORE »

jt76 replied to the forum post Please help Identify the old ESP precision bass

Its and ESP parts guitar,  ESP sold parts in the early eighties.    Value and quality would partly depend on who assembled it.  Parts quality would be as good or better than Fender american standard, but generally do not......MORE »
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Jeff K. posted the article Get Ready for Metallica’s WorldWired Tour

There are few events in the rock world bigger than a Metallica show, and the Bay Area-based legends of thrash metal are about to hit the road in support of their popular and critically acclaimed album Hardwired... To......MORE »

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DarkCide posted the forum post Eclipse E-II Vs. Edwards Eclipse E-MA-135C

Considering getting the Edwards Eclipse II version. Any idea how it compares to the E-II version in terms of build quality and overall feel?......MORE »

SteelEdge replied to the forum post George Lynch playing my ESP JFROG OG Bones #01

Very special video of George signing the OG Bones for me. Being a HUGE George Lynch fan,  can't explain with words how special this guitar is to me. »
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ESP 348 replied to the forum post Reverb dealer with many KH and JH - GuitarsCollector

He's a good lad G, that's for sure. Kids will definitely change your life. I have 3x little girls now and I don't have time for anything anymore.The kids are one reason I don't play or even look at my guitar collection......MORE »

Pushead replied to the forum post Information about neck esp mx 250

As for fakes, just pay attention to fonts and colors of the logos and serial numbers.  It's among the easiest ways to tell.  There are literally thousands of photos of these real guitars online, if you're concerned, post a......MORE »

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I absolutely agree! ......MORE »