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Anyone get a price on the ESP version? ......MORE »
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The markings are all correct for the instrument, but something about the back of the headstock seems a bit wonky to me.It's probably just the angle.......MORE »
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It's a 2016 model. Not sure why it wouldn't have the block logo at the 12th fret, or have 24 frets instead of 22, but the guitar is real.It may be a special run of the model for the store it was originally purchased from.......MORE »
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 I just watched the show last night myself. A lot of cool songs played. Halo was awesome, I really enjoyed that and Atlas, Moth etc. The old classics are awesome too. I REALLY enjoyed the little Kirk/Rob jam at around 1 hr......MORE »
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ESP, what are you waiting for?!?! Please make this guitar a signature production model!!  ......MORE »
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Looks good man, post up some pics of the guitar when it's all done. ......MORE »
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