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  • Sergio S.

    you know what man, im getting the mh350fr they are getting me this one in two weeks, i was bewteen this and the m300, but this one is more versatile and much better looking imo.

  • Sergio S.

    yeah theres a store but its kind of far from my house, whats the best guitar under 500 bucks atleast to you when it comes to playability, pickups can always be changed? whats wrong ith the alexi 200? 

  • Sergio S.

    hi man, its like the 5th time i ask you stuff and it might bug you a bit, but you know a bit more on the subject and well here in mexico, good prices are hard to find and they come and go, my question is: is the alexi 200 a good guitar for the price? its like $430 here now that it has a discount, and with the money saved I can get a SD JB, thanks

  • Sergio S.

    hey man, me again hahaha, have you tried the epiphone les paul prophecy ex? great specs, comes with case and is $699, or should i get the ec 331, buy a case and later upgrade the pickups? Thanks 

    • 6-String

      We dont do much with the other brands, we specialize in ESP, Ibanez and Schecter. I would honestly try to grab a EC-1000 They are by far the best bang for the buck and I am thinking ESP is going to put the EC-1000 Maple in Black on clearance soon.

  • Sergio S.

    How good is the ltd ec1000b blk? s it worth the extra $ or should i go straight for the 401?

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